Research plan

The research plan must be presented before the end of the first year of studies, that is, within one year since the first enrolment.

The research plan is a document in which the PhD student develops a plan for his/her thesis. It should include an introduction, a brief state of the art to put in context the plan, the motivation and objectives of the work, the work done so far, a plan, detailing tasks and time planning, and a list of conferences and indexed journals were the work can be presented or submitted to.  A typical table of content is

  • Cover page including the text “Research plan”, tentative title of the thesis, PhD program, name of the PhD student, name of the advisor(s) and date.
  • Brief summary
  • Introduction (state of the art, motivation, objectives)
  • Work done so far
  • Work plan (work to be done, tasks and time planning, tentative list of conferences and indexed journals, stays, etc). This must include a 1--page schedule of the forthcoming work until the end of the Thesis.
  • References

A short document of 10-30 pages is recommended, with annexes for details.


The panel is composed by 3 doctors with relevant expertise in the field, as president, secretary (from UPC) and vocal. As a general rule, the panel is composed by 2 researchers associated to the DMA program and an external one. In any case, the panel must include at least 1 researcher associated to the DMA program, and three of them cannot belong to the same research group. Finally any of the members of the panel can be a coauthor of the PhD student. 

[These rules have been approved by the Board of Studies of DMA at a meeting 05/07/2018, and included the condition of coauthor at the CADMAMAMME meeting 08/04/2021]


The presentation should last no more than 30 min, followed by comments and questions from the panel.


1. At least 2 weeks before the tentative date for the presentation, the student sends an e-mail to , with copy to the advisors and, attaching
2. The board of studies of DMA revises the documents, in a period of 4 working days, and authorizes the presentation or suggests modifications.
3. Once accepted by the comission, the student must upload the research plan at ATENEA PhD. The plagiarism system will make a revision of the document, following the Doctoral School Normative.
4. The student sends the research plan document to the members of the panel at least one week before the presentation. The FME admin sends the formal call to the panel, the student and the advisors.

Please, contact the or the for further information.