Periodic seminars

Here you can find a list of the periodic seminars that are run in the context of the research groups attached to the doctoral program


  • Seminar LIMDA (research seminar of the groups COMBGRAPH, ALBCOM i GAPCOMB) (Link), previous years (Link)

  • Seminar on EDPs and applications (Link)

  • Seminari of algebraic geometry of Barcelona (UB-UPC) (Link)

  • Seminars at the Centre Internacional de Mètodes Numèrics per l’Enginyeria (CIMNE) (Link)

  • Seminarts at the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (Link)

  • Seminar on dynamical systems of Barcelona (Link)

  • Informal seminar of mathematics of Barcelona (SIMBA) (Link)

  • Teen seminar on geometry (Link)