Welcome to the website of the DOCTORAL DEGREE IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

The main objective of the program is training researchers in the field of mathematics and its applications. This training is expected to be materialized in a PhD thesis containing original contributions to be published in journals with stablished scientific quality. The program also collaborates intensively with the Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics - BgsMath, organizing for instance research advanced courses. 

As a general rule, at time of thesis submission, the thesis is supposed to have lead to at least 2 papers, accepted or under review in indexed journals (JCR). In any case, the board of studies of DMA will assess each submission. [Aproved by the Academic Board of DMA in the meeting 05/07/2018]

The program is an interdisciplinary program in the broadest sense of the word, comprehending the theoretical aspects of mathematics as well as those arising from the solution of technical problems. It offers the opportunity to collaborate in one of the UPC research groups in mathematics and its applications. Among others, some of the fields in which research training is offered are:

  • Scientific Computation: numerical analysis, numerical methods in engineering, etc
  • Discrete Mathematics and Algorithmics: graph theory, combinatorics, cryptography, computational Geometry, etc
  • Differential Equations: dynamical systems, systems theory, control theory, etc
  • Algebra and Geometry: number theory, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, topology, etc
  • Modelization in Engineering and Biomedical Sciences: bioinformatics, computational bioengineering, etc

See, for instance, a list of forthcoming thesis defenses and defended PhD thesis at the UPC doctoral school web page.

You can browse in this web site for information on the admission procedure, grants and academic and administrative information.