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Academic committee

The academic committee for the doctoral programme in Applied Mathematics (DMA) and of the master in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (MAMME) is

  • Juanjo Rue (), coordinator of the Doctoral Programme, coordinator of the Master in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering   
  • Jaume Fusté, head of the administrative staff of FME
  • Jaume Franch Bullich, dean of FME
  • Renzo Bruera, PhD student
  • Gemma Huguet (Modelization in Engineering and Biomedical Sciences)
  • Pep Burillo (Algebra and Geometry)
  • Jose Javier Muñoz (Scientific Computation)
  • Oriol Serra (Discrete Mathematics and Algorithmics)

Description of the Academic committee: structure and aims (approved by Junta de Facultat de l'FME on 26/02/2020)