The Applied Mathematics PhD programme does not offer grants or financial support to the students.

Admission in the programme does not imply any kind of support.

You can find detailed information at the website of the doctoral school on possible sources of funding.

The main sources of predoctoral grants and of financial support for PhD students in our public university system are:

  • FPU (Formación del profesorado universitario), by the Spanish Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. General call for all spanish doctoral programmes. Success depends very much on the academic profile of the applicant.
  • FPI (Formación de personal investigador), by the Spanish Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad. Each grant is attached to a specific research project.
  • FPI-UPC (Ajuts per a la realització de la tesi doctoral a la UPC), by UPC.

Research groups or centres may offer PhD positions or some kind of financial support. Information about calls is available in the web pages of the reserarchers, research groups, research centres, etc. Some calls for PhD positions are published at the Job Board (borsa de treball) at the FME web page. There you can select “Beca de Doctorat” at the field “Tipus d’oferta”.