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Holders of a master's degree, or students in the last year of studies of a master's degree, can apply for admission. If admitted, the original official degree certificates will be necessary for the enrolment and registration at FME UPC.

The doctoral studies in Applied Mathematics are addressed to students with good abstract reasoning, interest in problem solving, strong work habits and a liking for mathematics. A scientific background is required, with basic mathematical foundations. For this reason, a degree in mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, economics, computer science, or related areas, is a requirement.

The master's degree in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (MAMME) of the UPC, or a similar master's degree, gives direct acces to the research part of the doctoral studies in Applied Mathematics. Otherwise, depending on the background of the student, the Academic Committee of the program may ask the student to take some bridging courses as complementary training. The bridging courses mainly consist on modules in MAMME, or modules from other masters related with the student's thesis.

Holders of an official Spanish bachelor's degree of 300 ECTS (licenciatura o ingenieria superior) without master degree, must complete the bridging courses specified in Article 7(2) of Royal Decree 99/2011, unless the curriculum of the degree includes research training credits equivalent in value to those which would be earned on a master's degree.

Admission is also open to candidates holding an official Spanish bachelor’s degree, assuming that they will complete the 300 ECTS credits with a master degree.

The admission in the PhD program does not imply any kind of grant. If you need financial support, please visit the Grants section of this webpage or contact the research group you want to work with.

Before application, you should previously contact a research group or researcher, close to your research interests, to establish a pre-compromise of joining the group as PhD student.


Admission criteria

The admission is decided by the Academic Committee, taking into account the academic records, the CV and the statement of interest of the candidate. The comission may also ask for a personal interview, reference letters or a tentative topic for the thesis.



The application must be done through the APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO UPC STUDIES. In this application you should upload

  • CV
  • scan of the degree certificates (not necessary for UPC degrees)
  • academic transcripts

and also write

For detailed information about the requirements, administrative procedure for admission and fees you can visit the website of the UPC Doctoral School