Holders of a master's degree, or students in the last year of studies of a master's degree, can apply for admission. If admitted, the original official degree certificates will be necessary for the enrolment and registration at FME UPC.

The doctoral studies in Applied Mathematics are addressed to students with good abstract reasoning, interest in problem solving, strong work habits and a liking for mathematics. A scientific background is required, with basic mathematical foundations. For this reason, a degree in mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, economics, computer science, or related areas, is a requirement.

The master's degree in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (MAMME) of the UPC, or a similar master's degree, gives direct acces to the research part of the doctoral studies in Applied Mathematics. Otherwise, depending on the background of the student, the Academic Committee of the program may ask the student to take some bridging courses as complementary training. The bridging courses mainly consist on modules in MAMME, or modules from other masters related with the student's thesis.

Applicants who meet one of the following conditions are eligible for admission (see Royal Decree 99/2011 for legal details):

  1. Holders of an official degree awarded by a university in Spain or any other country in the EHEA who have completed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 must be at the master's degree level. This includes holders of official Spanish pre-EHEA degrees. The degree must correspond to Level 3 in the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (MECES).

  2. Holders of a degree awarded in a foreign education system. In this case, homologation is not required, but the UPC must verify that the degree certifies a level of training equivalent to an official Spanish master's degree and qualifies the holder for admission to doctoral studies in the country where it was awarded. This does not imply the homologation of your degree and is solely for the purposes of admission to doctoral studies. (2)

  3. Holders of a Spanish doctoral qualification issued under previous university regulations.

  4. Holders of the Diploma of Advanced Studies, in accordance with Royal Decree 778/1998.

  5. Holders of the Diploma of Research Proficiency, in accordance with Royal Decree 185/1985.

  6. Holders of an official university qualification who, having gained a trainee post in the entrance examination for specialised medical training posts, have successfully passed at least two years of training on a programme leading to an official degree in a health-sciences specialisation.

See the website of the Doctoral School for details (Link). The admission in the PhD program does not imply any grant. 


Admission criteria

The admission is decided by the Academic Committee, taking into account the academic records, the CV and the statement of interest of the candidate. The comission may also ask for a personal interview, reference letters or a tentative topic for the thesis.



The application must be done through the APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO UPC STUDIES. In this application you should upload

  • CV
  • scan of the degree certificates (not necessary for UPC degrees)
  • academic transcripts

In case of holding international studies, you have to attach the equivalence to the University Spanish system

Also write in our application 

The final assignment of the Thesis Director must be made by the Academic Committee of the program after the admission of the doctoral candidate.

For detailed information about the requirements, administrative procedure for admission and fees you can visit the website of the UPC Doctoral School


International students legal procedures

Prior to arrival: VISA

Non-EU foreign students must come to Spain on a student visa.
A tourist visa has no validity beyond its expiry date. Students who come to Spain on a tourist visa will be forced to return to their country of origin to apply for another visa if they wish to extend their stay. VISA TYPE:

  • Short stay: valid for 6 months (awarded when studies of under 6 months are intended). Non-renewable.
  • Long stay: valid for 3 months, although student cards may enable students to renew their visa over the period of study.
Upon arrival

Upon arrival, international students must head for the International Mobility Office* in Barcelona for guidance and specific information on how to ensure their academic stay is legal:

  • EU students must be registered as foreigners.
  • Non-EU students must renew their long-stay three-month visa, if applicable. Students on a long-stay three-month visa must start the visa-renewal process in under 30 days from arrival, or their stay may be illegal.
All international students must have a tax  identification number (NIE) and insurance.

This number identifies you.   It usually takes at least two months  to issue a NIE.  So don’t leave getting your NIE to the last minute!

For further information on the process of applying for a NIE, contact the International Mobility Office.

International Mobility Office
North Campus, A4 Building
Jordi Girona, 1-3
08034 Barcelona
Tel.: 93 401 69 37
Fax: 93 401 74 02