DAD (Document d'activitats del Doctorand)

What is the DAD?

The DAD or document of  report of student activity ("Document d'activitats del Doctorand") is the document that records all the training activities (stays, publications, courses, seminars...) that you do during your studies.

This document is reviewed periodically by the thesis director and evaluated by the academic committee of the program at the end of each academic year. Hence, the doctoral candidate must update this document periodically. 

How do I elaborate the DAD?

To visualize the DAD we offer you the virtual platform Atenea PhD. This platform will show all the activities that you have entered in the DRAC platform, both you and your thesis supervisor, and of which you are the main author or co-author.

 Further information available in the website of the Doctoral School (Link)

You can also use the following template (Link

Protocol for the evaluation of the DAD

The following protocol has been approved by the Academic Board of DMA in the meeting 08/04/2021.

- PhD candidates of the doctoral program DMA (and the corresponding PhD advisors) will receive, each year, a message at the beginning of May in order to update their DAD information. DAD must be prepared using the Atenea PhD portal, hence PhD candidates must update information at DRAC system.

 - There will be a second reminder at the end of May. At the same time, DAD documents will be validated by the corresponding supervisors. Finally, both PhD student and supervisor must sign the document (either with certified original signature or scanned one).

- During June, the PhD candidates (and the corresponding supervisors) will receive an e-mail where the PhD candidate will be able to attach her/his updated DAD document. There will be 2 reminders before the deadline, at the end of June. Additionally, supervisors will receive a message concerning the annual approval of the tutorship.


- The academic Board of the DMA will analyze the set of DAD documents of the candidats of the PhD program in their annual meeting in July.

Not sending the DAD document on time (end of June) will have as consequence the impossibility to register the next academic year in the doctoral program.